For Chrissakes, There Is Nothing Wrong With You: A Dating Manifesto

via Jezebel:

We have to quit defining ourselves solely in relation to dudes. Like, “I am not me—I am some imaginary man’s imaginary perfect 10, plus 50 extra pounds, minus a 20-inch waist, plus a threatening commitment to feminism, minus any desire to pretend to care about bike polo! That’s me!” No, that’s not you. That is a weird monster you made up to torture yourself. I try to remember (and it is hard sometimes—real talk) that I’m an actual human being, not some math equation that can be solved by triangulating all of the nearest boners.

Word. Let’s quit worrying so much what other people think. What do YOU think about YOU?

When you’re pleased with that answer, then maybe it’s time to deal with the mindfuckery of dating. Because when you do, you might find a dude who likes you, the actual human being. And your “threatening commitment to feminism.”

image by Marco Nelor