To my utter delight, Feministing is running a contest to pick their next contributor. Here are some details:

Feministing is looking for a new Contributor. We’re looking for someone to join the Feministing team and blog for us once a week — someone who’s smart, funny, insightful, reliable, and raring to go. To that end, we’re holding a little contest.

Here’s how it’s going to work.

Next week, contestants who want to be considered must write two blog posts on the Community blog between Monday the 20th and Friday the 25th. Each of them should say “A SYTYCB entry” at the top and include the SYTYCB logo. Then, the Feministing team will pick several finalists, and those finalists will have another chance to show us their stuff before we pick a winner. It’s just like So You Think You Can Dance, except we don’t care how many fouettées you can do.

I’m relieved they don’t care how many fouettées I can do, as I don’t know what the fuck that is.

So! I’ve submitted my two posts, and the first one is up. You wanna read it? *Bats eyes*

Of course you do! It’s…GROAN…about Todd Akin. I know, I know, we all want to crawl under the covers and pretend the words “legitimate rape” never entered our brains. But considering I read yet another news story this morning about a woman being sexually assaulted in my neighborhood, it just reminded me, yet again, why we can’t afford to stay silent about these topics.

And we certainly can’t have some male politician speaking on our behalf who doesn’t even seem to understand conception—or the realities of rape.

So it’s not just about Todd Akin, and his asinine comments or half-assed apology. It’s a call to all of us ladies: Don’t let anyone scare you into silence!

We have voices, and we need to be heard.

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